Tuesday, June 28, 2016


It's freezing here in CQ this morning, coldest its been since the winter Ron died (approx 2006). We have been having really mild winters. I forgot how the cold makes your body ache and how it made you hunger for hot food. I love to cook when its cold, stews, biscuits, roasts! Not good for someone trying to loose weight. I have lost 16kg so far and am determined to keep going.
Only 12 days till art camp and as usual the closer it gets the less I want to go. I tell myself I can't be away from home that long and that I am just wasting my time as I have no talent anyway! I have learnt however that as you get older you cant pass up an opportunity to see your friends because next year they may no longer be around! Also art is fun and you have to still have fun while you can!
Tammy is in Brisbane and saw Mum yesterday! I got to talk to her on the phone and we are still connected souls. I love her so much! Poor darling suffering the inability to do anything for herself and poor Berb I know how draining it is!
She is well cared for and with people who love her ! You can't really ask for more in your dotage!I hope I am as fortunate.

selfie with Dante
Michael in his HYNES shirt

mick and the girls camping

the uniform I wore to High School 1962- 1967
the drive in theatre at North Ryde where we lived and where I went with my then boyfriend Jim.


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